Bikeability cycle training Nationwide Cycling Academy Manchester


NCA present Bikeability cycle training on behalf of Road Safety Teams and Sports Partnerships.

There’s a Bikeability level to suit you, whether you’re just starting out or just want to use your bike more safely and more often. You might start from the beginning at Level 1 and train all the way through to Level 3, or you might dive in with Level 3 if you already have lots of cycling experience.

There’s always something new to learn!

We are a registered Bikeability Training Provider.
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Level 1

During Level 1 Bikeability training, you learn to control and master your bike. The training takes place in an environment away from cars or traffic – usually in a playground or closed car park.

Level 2

During Level 2 training you will get out on the roads! Level 2 gives you a real cycling experience so that you are able to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school.

Level 3

During Bikeability Level 3 training you will learn the skills to tackle more challenging roads and traffic situations. Level 3 training is often delivered one-to-one so can be tailored to your individual needs, such as your route to work or school.

Bikeability Plus

Bikeability Plus is made up of a number of different modules you can add on to aid cycling skills progression:

– Bikeability Fix
– Bikeability Balance
– Bikeability Learn to Ride
– Bikeability Transition
– Bikeability Ride
– Bikeability Promotion
– Bikeability On Show
– Bikeability Bus

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