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This intermediate mountain bike course is aimed towards individuals wanting to hone in on their MTB skills which is a step-up from the basic course. Here, you can develop new skills or better the skills you have already.

Our team of experienced mountain bike instructors can help you shift your skill levels up a gear, by building on the fundamental skills you have already learned.

Having become proficient on bridleways, green and blue routes, you’re probably feeling ready to learn more about how to negotiate more challenging terrain. Our mountain biking instructors will work to the ability of the rider/riders, taking into consideration skill level and fitness. We can guide you through the techniques for tackling natural and man-made trails, giving you the confidence to ride with friends at a trail centre or ‘off piste.’

Philips Park is a great place to start the next stage up. All the features required are on the trail here in Whitefield, Manchester so you can practise new techniques at no cost, even after the course has finished.

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Skills Itinerary

Manuals – Just like a wheelie but without pedalling and using your back brake and hips to keep it going, this will help you flow better down trails.

Technical climbing – Short climbs to long technical climbs, finding traction and picking lines.

Descending techniques – Body weight and line selections.

Advanced braking – Dragging and dabbing allowing you to kill off speed efficiently and safely.

Unweighting – Where a rider will simply lean towards the rear of the bike to let the front clear an obstacle such as a small log or rock structure.

Vision (line choice) – Looking ahead to see what is coming up and being able to pick the fastest and smoothest line.

Cornering slow (berms) – This could also help while climbing and you come to a switchback.

Cornering fast (berms) – Using a banked berm enabling you to maintain your speed which you cannot on a flat corner.

Front wheel lift (wheelie) – Lifting the front wheel which will allow you to ride better  and smoother.

Rear wheel lift – Lifting your back wheel over an object, this will help on

Drop offs (slow)

Track stands

Dates to be announced soon.
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