Weight management & Exercise

8 Week Weight Loss and Exercise Programme

CALL 0161 796 6221 to book, or email info@ncagb.co.uk

2 weekly sessions designed to help you with weight loss and promote a healthier lifestyle using exercise nutrition and health promotion.

Consisting of 45 minutes of exercise and 45 minutes of educational work around nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Each exercise session will be a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance exercises aimed to increase fitness and metabolism whether you are a complete beginner or at a more experienced level.

Each educational session will focus on nutrition, eating habits and barriers to change to a healthier lifestyle working on ways to be a better healthier you.

Please contact our office to book your bespoke session
call 0161 796 6221 or email info@ncagb.co.uk

Based at Philips Park in Whitefield

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