Weight management & Exercise

Welcome to Smart Exercise, Health and Weight Management Programme

This programme has been designed to empower you with accurate and up to date information and to give you unlimited support and motivation to make the essential dietary and lifestyle changes needed for effective long-term weight management and improve health status.

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This weight management and exercise course is more important than ever, especially with the current pandemic and the need for health promotion and disease prevention. Enabling you to become a healthier person both physically and mentally, this course will, more importantly, give you the tools to make better lifestyle choices in the future. 

Each weekly session will consist of a 1 hour educational workshop followed by a 1 hour group personal training session. Groups are a maximum of 6 people.


Week 1
Exercise and understanding the importance it has on the mind and body.

Week 2
How important it is to have slow release energy dense foods.

Week 3
The roles which carbohydrates and proteins play in exercise nutrition.

Week 4
Understanding of fats and vitamins and their role in disease prevention.

Week 5
Behavioral change and understanding the key to making positive decisions.

Week 6
Balancing energy needs against energy intake.

Week 7
How exercise and understanding lean muscle is important for maintaining a healthy weight.

Week 8
Eliminating negative foods and introducing positive foods.

Week 9
Understanding the importance of Low fat, low glycaemic, high fibre, and high antioxidant foods have on your diet.

Week 10
The effects of cardiovascular exercise has on the body and heart health.

Week 11
Understanding the benefits of resistance training and the effects it has for long term muscle,bone and joint health.

Week 12
Promoting and empowering you to lead an active lifestyle.

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call 0161 796 6221 or email info@ncagb.co.uk

Behavioural change

“If you do what you’ve always done – you get what you’ve always got”. You’ve always suspected it! Behavioural changes are the only way to achieve a successful long-term weight management plan.

It is very important that you have taken sufficient time to sit and consider why you are really overweight. This is the most important aspect of your health and weight management programme. Without understanding this it is unlikely that you will ever succeed in your quest for permanent weight control and better health status.

hris will work with you to implement positive changes with the new knowledge learnt each week. You can then put this into practice and continue a lifelong routine that will help you to become the best version of you. So what are you waiting for! make the change of a lifetime today!!!

Course cost is 295 pounds and sessions will take place every Tuesday at 6.30pm.

Based at Philips Park in Whitefield

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