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Learn the powerful technique of Mindfulness

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My name is Helen, I teach and practice harnessing the Scandinavian way of mindfulness, navigating myself through my day life -protecting and caring for myself. I teach from my own experience and help people work with me to strengthen their mind and body connection. I have conducted research into the psychological and physiological mechanisms of stress and stress reduction techniques with the goal of helping society learn more.

I see everyday people trying to cope in our frantic world, dealing with illness and stress.

This powerful mindfulness tool can really help strengthen the mind and body connection and how we can cope with difficult times in life. There have been difficult times in my life, my mindfulness practice and the research work I have done have enabled me, to enable you.

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The course

This course will involve practical exercises and guided meditations and there will be time for discussions and questions. 

Each session will be one hour 45 mins. Via Zoom plus Home Practice. You will need access to a PC and a quiet place, so that you are not disturbed

You will learn:

  • What it is to be Mindful and to adapt this to your everyday life
  • Suitable course for beginners to mindfulness and for individuals
  • How to live in the present and not the past as most of us do. This has a huge impact on our health and we can learn to change and not be frightened of what the future holds for us.
  • How new techniques can calm down the busy and chattering mind, exploring why we think this way this does wonders for our nervous system
  • How to come out of your head and back into your body, helping with stress and anxiety
  • How to work with pain and chronic health worries that cause suffering
  • A very special thing is to learn compassion and how it can bring a sense of well-being
  • Discover how to develop interactive and personal courage

The workshop

Workshops will help you to progress on your path of strength and protection. Teaching you exactly what mindfulness is, how to make the most your mindfulness learning experiences and install them in your own mind

The work we do together, will include sessions in grounding mindfulness techniques including:

  • Self-caring: A sense of being on your own side, compassion and protecting yourself as a kind of keeper of our own castle.
  • Patience: Being Here and Now in Present Awareness The saying goes, patience is a virtue. … We really need it now more than ever, not dealing with it will cause a rise in our stress response
  • Have a Beginner’s Mind: New tools to learn new ways of dealing with things and using our body to focus and ground us.
  • Confidence: Courage and Grit. Once we believe and trust in ourselves and see with our practice how we can feel healthier and happier it really can be a powerful journey of taking life less personally.
  • Non-Striving: It’s good to want to have ambition but we can learn to just be present and not burn ourselves out , not rushing , not stressing but just being in the moment.
  • Accept: We can’t always change things but we can learn to accept and soften and have better self-control
  • Let Go and be calm: Holding on to things will create suffering. We can learn to let go and be aware of the present moment and how beautiful it is.
  • Courage: Discover how to develop interactive and personal courage to strengthen and change the way things affect you.
  • Aspiration: Realistic visions you had or have and honor them with an aim to make them happen.
  • Science on how mindfulness can change the brains pathways

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