Men on Mats

This exciting new class for men led by Chris will involve bodyweight and resistance exercises using a whole body approach to increase core strength and improve posture.

CALL 0161 796 6221 to book, or email

Using every muscle from the feet to the fingers men on mats is a true all round strength and conditioning class with a particular focus on improving core strength and posture. Studies have shown modern day living and work based activity is contributing to poor posture which inevitably results in lower back problems. More than ever the time is now to act on improving core strength and improving posture for better long term strength and conditioning.

What to expect from this class?

  • Increased core strength and improved posture
  •  Target areas of weakness
  •  Improved cardiovascular fitness
  •  Increase strength and flexibility
  •  Increase lean muscle
  •  Decrease in body fat
  • Motivation and support
  •  Private group session
  •  Maximum of 6 people
  •  Only 10 pounds a class
  •  Every Monday and Wednesday at 8pm

Call 0161 796 6221 to book, or email

Based at Philips Park in Whitefield

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