Ladies Legs, Bums & Tums

Ladies start training your legs, bum, and tum area. This class is to help tone those wobbly bits and improve overall body shape.

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Get a firmer bum, tum and leaner legs, stronger tummy which will help increase lean muscle and help with weight loss. Legs, bums and tums is a full body aerobic workout that will  tone up those flabby areas of your thighs, bum and stomach. It will also help with weight loss or even for those who simply want to improve their fitness levels.

The class will start with a gentle warm up to get your body warm and moving. This may involve light movements like doing some arm swings and shoulder rolls or just some general stretches to loosen those limbs before the real work on those target areas begins. This class isn’t just about looking good. Working these areas will maintain a good level of fitness that will keep you healthy and motivated in both your work and personal life.

What to expect from this class?

  • Full body aerobic & toning workout

  • Increases your strength

  • Build up stamina

  • Increased energy levels

  • Increases flexibility / mobility

  • Very important for burning calories

  • Improved mental wellbeing

  • Enjoyable and popular class

  • Motivation and support

  • Feeling great

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Based at Philips Park in Whitefield

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