Forest Fitness

Outdoor Fitness Training

An outdoor fitness training full body based workout, utilising elements within the natural environment to help keep you in tip top condition, physically and mentally.

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This outdoor fitness training class is all about exercise in the woodland area at Philips Park, breathing fresh air and feeling good in the great outdoors.

High-Intensity Interval Training consists of bodyweight exercises designed to increase metabolism and blow away the cobwebs. You can expect improved cardiovascular fitness as well as increased muscle strength and endurance. The outdoor environment presents an array of activities for you to enjoy and challenge yourself.

Our outdoor fitness class may mean there’s some inclement weather, so potential for either getting muddy or a suntan! We also use nature’s resources such as the trees, logs, grass and hills during the session so dress accordingly. Lockers are available. You can also wash and change at the Barn countryside centre.

Come and join us for outdoor fitness, making forest fitness the new way to keep fit! Bring some friends or make some new ones. Why not challenge yourself, have fun and get fit in an enjoyable outdoor environment? Whilst we can’t guarantee the weather conditions on the day, we do guarantee our outdoor training classes will be a great experience for all outdoor fitness enthusiasts! There’s no better way to stay in shape and get closer to nature. So why not join the outdoor fitness movement with NCA North West?

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor fitness enthusiast or just starting out, our fitness training programmes with NCA include something for everyone. Join us and see the results in no time! Call 0161 796 6221 to book, or email for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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