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Fitness and wellbeing mindfulness courses from NCA North West in Manchester for men, women and families.

In today’s world, keeping fit, healthy and looking after your mental well being can be difficult to manage. Life today is busy and can be stressful. Combining longer working hours, along with family life may not leave much time for ‘No. 1’.

Life can be busy, and on occasion, stepping back and being more self aware, making a few small adjustments can make help you to enjoy life again.


Our fitness program has something to offer across the board. For men, women and families too.

We have an exercise and weight management course, to help you shift those stubborn few pounds gained over the holidays or during Covid isolation.

Learn more about nutrition, its effects on the body, combined with a bespoke exercise program.

Maybe you are building up your general fitness and want a change from an indoor gym setting. Our outdoor Forest Fitness course could be right for you.

There’s even a course for the whole family to join in, a fun fitness class aimed at all levels.


If you are looking for a more relaxing experience, the well being and mindfulness sessions can help you to re-evaluate your current lifestyle, and work on a positive mental attitude.

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Fitness and Wellbeing


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“Thank you for helping Charlie get back her confidence with her bike. It was well worth the money and it was brilliant to see her smiling all the way through.”

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