We’re excited to announce that NCA-NW has secured funding from CYCLING UK as part of the Big Bike Revival initiative. With this funding, we’ll be delivering a series of Dr Bike sessions to primary schools in Bury. This is in addition to the Bikeability cycle training already provided to all school children in the area.

As part of the Dr Bike sessions, our experienced cycle mechanic will visit schools to carry out safety checks on all the children’s bikes. In addition, they will provide basic bike maintenance sessions in Manchester. Any minor repairs will be completed on the spot. This will ensure no child misses out on the opportunity to participate in the Bikeability program due to a mechanical issue with their bike.

By repairing more bikes, we’re able to get more children cycling. We will also increase the number of cyclists on the move. Not only is cycling a fun and healthy way to get around but it also reduces traffic congestion and air pollution. This benefits the entire community.

We’re proud to be a part of this initiative, and we look forward to helping more children in Bury discover the joys of cycling while promoting safety and sustainability.

In addition to providing safety checks and minor repairs to children’s bikes, the Dr Bike sessions also aim to educate children on basic bike maintenance and repair skills. This empowers children to take care of their own bikes. It also promotes a culture of sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Moreover, the Dr Bike sessions contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and traffic congestion in the area. These sessions align with the goals of Cycling UK. They do so by encouraging more children to cycle to school and promoting safe cycling practices.

The Dr Bike sessions have received positive feedback from schools and parents in Bury. Many appreciate the added safety and peace of mind these sessions provide. NCA-NW and CYCLING UK are actively working towards a more sustainable, healthier, and connected future for Bury. They achieve this by fostering community engagement through cycling.