Many of you may not be aware, but it’s not just teaching children to ride bikes that we do here at the NCA. Our commitment goes beyond teaching children to ride bikes and promoting outdoor activities. We actively engage with local community projects to make a meaningful difference. One such collaboration worth highlighting is our partnership with the Bolton Destitution Project, a charitable organisation dedicated to providing a safe haven for refugees and asylum seekers in Bolton.

The Destitution Project provide a safe environment where refugees and asylum seekers can find friendship, food and practical help. Recognising the importance of mobility and the freedom that bicycles bring, NCA North West decided to step in.

Donating bikes for the Bolton Destitution Project

We donated bicycles to those who did not have them within the Bolton Destitution Project, giving individuals the gift of independent transportation. However, our involvement did not end there. We also organised a comprehensive bike maintenance course, sharing our expertise on how to care for these newfound modes of transportation. In doing so, we ensured that these bicycles would continue to serve their riders well into the future.

During the five-week program, we didn’t stop at just handing over bicycles and providing maintenance lessons. We went the extra mile by equipping riders with locks and helmets, promoting safety alongside freedom. As the culmination of our collaboration, we organized an escorted bike ride, creating an opportunity for the refugees and asylum seekers to explore their new surroundings and experience the joy of cycling.

Read more about our involvement and the work of the Destitution Project.

Photos courtesy of "On Your Bikes."

NCA North West believes in encouraging social engagement, fostering a sense of social responsibility, and teaching our community how to make the most of our green spaces. By partnering with the Bolton Destitution Project, we not only provide bicycles but also an opportunity for individuals to reclaim their independence and explore their new surroundings.

So, come join us at NCA North West, where we invite you to enjoy the fresh air, experience the natural beauty of the countryside, and become part of our vibrant community. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or someone just starting out, we have something for everyone. Together, we can make a positive impact, one bike ride at a time.